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Long, long ago there was a deluded high school girl who dreamed of finding her prince charming and making her chores suck a little less. Gather round as we weave this woeful tale.


Nobody likes doing mundane chores, right? Washing dishes, doing laundry, boiling water. So boring. I’m the type that will do anything to avoid being bored. What’s that? My little brother is doing his homework? Better stand behind him menacingly to make sure he does it. I’m far too busy to clean every toilet in the house.


Clearly, I have to trick myself into being productive. The best way to do that? Make it fun, obviously. I’m like a little kid in that sense I suppose, but it can’t be helped. So to spice up my life I’d pretend I was training to be a housewife, the looks I got when I said it were probably what inspired me the most. You know how if something gets said enough it starts to become the truth in your mind? Well I guess I kind of warped my reality because eventually I started taking it seriously. “What if I do become a good housewife? My future husband is gonna be so lucky.”



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What is your least favorite chore? Let me know in the comments below! ❣See you soon❣

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