Galaxy Bottle Tutorial!

You’ve probably seen galaxy themed everything by now! Its popularity is up there competing with things that glow in the dark. Personally, I like the way they look because they seem so serene. I can’t resist, time to hop on the bandwagon! Let’s see if we can make any that look like the pictures floating around the internet, shall we?

I am aware of the tutorials out there that use food coloring and water but I’m going to scrap that idea because I don’t want to risk mold.


WARNING: This project is rather messy! I wouldn’t use resin over grandma’s antique coffee table without the proper protection! Please be very careful!

Thing’s you’ll need for your galaxy extravaganza:

~Bottles                 ~Resin/ Hardener*

~Glitter                  ~Paper Towels

~Cotton                 ~Cardboard

~Coloring              ~Container for mixing

~Gloves                  ~Tweezers

(*If you don’t want to risk using the resin, or cannot find any, then clear Elmer’s glue works as well! The end result will be a little different but it’s definitely a lot easier! Keep in mind though that the glue takes a lot longer to dry.)


  1. Before you do anything protect yourself and your furniture! Equip gloves and lay out your cardboard!
  2. Now we’re ready to party! Mix equal parts resin and hardener.
  3. Toss your coloring and glitter into the mix. Stir it as evenly as possible! Don’t let it sit too long or the glitter might sink to the bottom!
  4. Add resin mixture into the bottle with some cotton. You could also try soaking the cotton in the resin but it may not look as fluffy.
  5. Mix in the bottle until you get the desired result. Don’t mix too quickly as it might increase the number of bubbles at the end.
  6. Add more cotton to separate the layers of color. Unless you only want one color, that’s cool too. I’m not here to judge.
  7. Repeat with as many colors as you want. Remember to leave room for the cork!
  8. If you want this to be a pendant then you have to insert a jump ring into the cork. Do this before you put the cork back into the bottle. Be careful when you do this though because if you are too rough bits will break off of the cork and make it look a little odd.
  9. Once you’ve got your cork ready you’ll need to use either the resin or glue along the inside of the mouth of the bottle. This will hold it in place and prevent any possible leakage. If you chose to do a version with water this step will be extra important.
  10. If you got resin/ glue on the outside of the bottle wipe it down immediately. We don’t want to have unsightly marks on the outside of the bottle. Use a wet paper towel for this; resin is super sticky and WILL take bits of the paper if it’s dry.


13329845_10154857542977538_281351256_nWhen we did these we noticed a lot of bubbles and I have yet to figure out how to get rid of them. They still look really pretty, though. I’m sad to say that Dwayne is actually more gifted when it comes to this DIY. His turned out a lot cuter than mine did. ಥ_ಥ *sniff* I’m not going to cry about it.

They didn’t turn out as nicely as some I’ve seen but I do love how they look. Depending on where you buy your supplies they’re relatively cheap to make too! I buy stuff in bulk though so I have a lot of extras. Don’t buy more than you think you’ll need or your craft supplies will collect dust.


Are you going to try making a galaxy bottle? If so let me know how it goes in the comments below, I’d love to see your results! ❣See you soon❣


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