How to glitter bomb yourself

Don’t you love when you’re in the middle of cleaning up and the universe decides you need more sparkle in your life? I mean who doesn’t think “There should definitely be more glitter on each of my worldly possessions.” We’ve all been there, right? If life hasn’t yet graced you with this joy let me give you a little tutorial on the way I reached this nirvana.

Glitter bomb for beginners:

Step 1: Let your husband dump glitter into an open container and leave it on your desk.

Glitter step 1

Step 2: Forget about it.

Glitter step 2

Step 3: Try to be productive and clean for once in your life.

Glitter step 3

Step 4: Knock over that broken easel you have propped against the closet.

Glitter step 4

Step 5: Watch it smack the desk and knock over everything you’ve ever loved.

Glitter step 5

Step 6: Check for damage (broken glass), find none.

Glitter step 6

Step 7: Return to cleaning until you need something from said desk

Glitter step 7

Step 8: Discover half empty glitter container.

Glitter step 8

Step 9: Spend 2 hours attempting damage control of the glorious mess you’ve made for yourself. Contemplate how glitter got under everything.

(Optional) Step 9.5:  Cry

Glitter step 9

Step 10: Give up and accept your new life. You’ll never get rid of it all.

Glitter step 10


I promise you if you follow these steps exactly, you too can have the glittery room of your dreams! The best part is no matter how hard you try you’ll never get rid of it! It will stick to EVERYTHING. You could also spread the joy and do this for your friends and family, in secret. Don’t tell them you’re going to help them out though or it’ll ruin the surprise! Just imagine how pleased they’ll be when they see the glittery glory! Get your very own supply of glitter here style=!


I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit. It’s a lot funnier looking back on it when i’m not trying to eradicate the glitter menace. Has anything like this happened to you? Have you ever tried glitter bombing anyone else? Let me know in the comments below! ❣See you soon❣



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