I’m super into webcomics.

As someone who likes to doodle the thought of starting my own webcomic has crossed my mind a time or two. I really admire the people who can actually buckle down and actually pursue this type of work; seeing as it takes a lot of motivation and time. Reading webcomics is honestly how I kickstart my morning so let’s talk about some of my favorites! You can find all of these and much more at Webtoon! (#NotSponsored Just wanna spread the word about great artists!)


Top 5 webcomics (Plot driven):

Lookism by Taejoon Park (Ongoing)

The story for this follows this chubby kid, named Daniel who gets bullied and takes his frustrations out on his mother. One day after transferring schools and moving from his mothers home; he wakes up and he’s in a new body that’s both fit and good looking! Daniel decides he’d rather use this new body to impress his new classmates and use his old body to work at a convenience store overnight. As the plot progresses you see Daniel grow as a person and realize that being good looking doesn’t necessarily solve all your problems or get you the things you really want in life.

Super Secret by Eon (Ongoing)

Emma and Ryan grow are two neighbors who basically grow up together; Emma is a clutz and kind of air-headed while Ryan is responsible and serious. They’ve known each other basically their whole lives but Ryan’s family has a secret; they are yokai that disguise themselves to live among humans.

My Dear Cold Blooded King by Lifelight (Ongoing)

Mei is a total badass peasant girl who goes out of her way to serve justice as she sees fit; She ends up saving the blood kings younger brother so he offers her a job to thank her for her service. Her whole family is uprooted and moved to the palace so she can train in medicine to serve the king and his army. Mei sees this as a chance to find out more about the brother she lost because he was in the kings’ army. Will she be able to uncover the secrets of the blood king?

Bastard by Youngchan Hwang/ Carnby Kim (Completed)

Follow Jin as he tries to survive living with his serial killer dad. He starts to fall for his classmate but unfortunately, she is the type of girl that his dad likes; Can Jin save her and stop his dad from killing anyone else?

Nano List by Songah Min (Ongoing)

This story follows Milo and the two androids his genius sister, Maddie, made and left for him before her death. Nano is a dangerous military android capable of leveling cities and the company Maddie used to work for wants her back; they will go to great lengths to obtain the power she holds.


Top 5 webcomics (Random/ Daily life/ #Relatable):

Average Adventures of an Average Girl by Lallirrr

I absolutely love the art style used in this comic, the facial expressions are hilarious.

Blue Chair by Shen

A lot of random stuff going on in this comic. It varies from comedy to serious and I like the messages he conveys for the more serious stuff.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by Fishball

This one is super cute. I love reading about the relationship between fishball and boyfriend! <3

Heropie by Ophelia Chiu

This is another one that I follow for the art style, though this one is more cutesy.

Brutally Honest by Deya Muniz

The style for this one is simple and yet still very expressive.



If you’d like to see my attempt at webcomic format check out this link!

Do you read a lot of webcomics?  Which ones are your favorites? Let me know if you’ve read any good comics or follow any good artists! I love to see all different kinds of art! ❣See you soon!❣


  1. I love reading webcomics from webtoons too! It’s a great app. My personal favorites are Siren’s Lament by instantmiso, I Love Yoo by Quimchee, and Big Jo by Jungle Julia. I’ll definitely have to check out the stories you listed. Awesome summaries of each!


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