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Hello, everyone! It really has been a while! 8 months to be exact? Wow, I didn’t actually think it’d been that long! I’d like to take a moment to elaborate what I couldn’t really in that comic; let’s just dive right in.

Last November I got a full-time job which left me very little time for myself. I’ve just been so exhausted mentally and physically that I haven’t had the motivation to do much aside from watch mindless YouTube videos. The stress from giving myself deadlines for this blog, trying to handle my job and the housework. Honestly, I just put a lot of pressure on myself because there are so many things I want to do but it always feels like I’m running out of time. If I don’t do this now I’ll miss my window; that kind of thing.

I started this blog for fun when and as a way to try and make some friends; since I don’t have many since I moved away from home. I actually lost a few dear friends since I started this blog up. They’re not dead or anything; we just don’t get along anymore. People grow apart, it happens. I cannot deny it has had its effect on me but thankfully my darling husband is always there for me and that’s what matters the most.

Anyway, I’ve been putting off posting here because I was going to give up on it entirely. Nobody reads it so whats the point, right? When the web hosting expired it gave a deadline for how long I’d have until the site was deleted. I loved making this blog, it was fun to think of ways to entertain people and I worked hard on everything that went up. A lot of love is poured into the things I write and draw, it would be a waste to let all of it be erased. Even if no one ever sees it; I am proud to have done my best.

New direction?

There are a lot of things I still want to do here so I’m not going to give up; worst case scenario the site can serve as a portfolio or something. I’d like to post the best content that I can so posts will be more sporadic and thought out. Don’t want to burn out! I also really like the idea of doing little comic strips so that’ll be here sometimes too. It’s super hard to stick to one topic like a lot of blogs can so I’ll just be doing whatever strikes me from now on and hopefully, people will enjoy it!


❣Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know in the comments below! ❣

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