Stress Relief

Are the expectations placed on you by society kicking you while you’re down? Don’t stress doll-face I’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick list of ideas you can use to comfort your weary soul.

~Tips to de-stress yourself!~


Taking the time to write out all of your worries or negative thoughts is immensely soothing. It helps you to get all of your thoughts in an orderly fashion so you can have something to look back on when you’ve calmed down, this will help you to sort out your feelings. When I look back at my old journal entries I can hardly believe I even wrote them! So passionate!


Listening to your favorite songs is probably something you do regardless of your mood. Depending on what you listen to this an either hurt or heal, but you know what works for you. Sing or dance your stress away! I recommend having a karaoke party with all your favorites, and by karaoke party I mean blast your music and sing just as loud. Not too loud though. Have fun, but don’t get the cops called on you for a noise complaint.


Draw your emotions! This is an excellent way to distract yourself AND be productive. If you’d rather focus on something other than negative feelings that’s okay too! Just shut out the bad stuff for a little while and draw whatever makes you the happiest.

Video Games:

This works especially well for me when I’m agitated, playing a game that grabs my attention so completely that I am essentially part of it. When you’re the Dragonborn there’s no time to fret over a boy or that job you detest. I wouldn’t recommend playing Alice: Madness Returns while you’re annoyed though, unless you’re stellar at playing puzzle games; then by all means please play it.

Sometimes you need to take a minute for yourself and just breathe. Don’t let the weight of the world crush you with the many expectations that it has for you. Take a step back and do something that brings you joy, or better yet don’t do anything. Just exist for a while. Always remember to give yourself time to recharge.


What do you do to deal with stress? Have you done any of the ones I listed? If so does it work well for you? Let me know in the comments below!  ❣See you soon!❣

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