Top 5 favorite video games.

Video games are wonderful in the sense that you can be anything you desire. There are so many kinds of games; there is something for everyone! Personally, I love games that are story based because I don’t have good aim and get frustrated easily. I will give you a brief description in my own words what the premise of the game is, hopefully, without giving too much away. Followed by my opinion of the game/ reasons I like it. I really do hope you’ll give at least one of these games a try and grow to love them as I have. Without further ado~

My top 5 favorite video games:



Description: You climb a mountain and fall down into a hole that leads to the underground; where monsters reside. Monsters have lived under Mt. Ebott since the humans trapped them there with a barrier of magic that anything can enter but nothing can exit. Monsters believe that by obtaining the power of 7 human souls their king will be able to break the barrier and free them. Guess who is the 7th and final human to have fallen?

Opinion: I don’t want to be apart of the group that overhypes this game and then whoever plays it is disappointed that it wasn’t what they expected. I cannot describe my love for Undertale with mere words as I would never be able to do this gem justice. It isn’t that this game is overly exciting but it has a really interesting concept in the sense that you can choose to kill or spare your opponents. Your decision affects the outcome and changes the atmosphere entirely. I really shouldn’t say too much because it could ruin your experience, and you really should give it a try. The soundtrack is pretty addicting and the characters are super loveable. Nyeh heh heh~

Persona 4

Description: You transfer schools and stay with your uncle in the small town of Inaba due to your parents working overseas. Just as you’re getting settled into your new life; a string of murders start taking place. You and your friends are the only ones who can catch the true culprit with the powers you have unlocked since you’ve arrived. Can you figure out who it is and save your friends?

Opinion: This game was really unique to me because it was essentially the first semi- dating sim I’d ever really played. I also loved that there were little pop quizzes and tests of things that were potentially useful information. I found myself deeply invested in developing my relationships with the characters and generally didn’t want them to suffer. A game that can make me feel something for its characters will never be bad in my book. This is the first of my video games that I ever played to its finish.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade

Description: You have been summoned to this small farming village by the harvest goddess because she needs your help. The divine tree is dying and with it; the power of nature! She needs your help renewing the land. By ringing the 5 bells which represent soil, fire, wind, water and heart; you can save your new home!

Opinion: My memories of this game and the discussions I had with my friend back in high school about it are precious to me. I loved this game because it simulated a lifestyle that seemed so lovely and unattainable. Basically, I was living vicariously through this game. Back when I couldn’t imagine living away from home or finding love. I do still like playing it because it has that country and self-sustaining lifestyle aspect that I doubt I’d ever achieve in reality.

Fallout 4

Description: You’re living the good life with your robot butler, spouse and infant son when suddenly there’s nuclear fallout. Good thing you just signed up for a spot in the vault not even 2 minutes ago. You and your family, except the robot; because no robots allowed, make it just in time as the bombs drop. You get the vault that cryo freezes everyone without their express knowledge or consent. You unfreeze to see your spouse killed and baby kidnapped, then for some reason they freeze you back up. When you finally thaw out for real its time to hunt down the mofo that took your baby and killed your beloved.

Opinion: I love these free roaming games that basically let you ignore the plot and do what you want until you feel like going along with it. Granted in the beginning I was totally for avenging my husband and saving my baby, there was just so much to do, I got distracted!


Description: The world you hail from is a futuristic and fantastical place. You are the best blitz ball player around; at least you are since your father went missing 10 years ago. On the 10 year anniversary of your fathers’ disappearance a blitz ball tournament is held and everything changes. A huge monster, Sin, destroys the stadium and the once lively city of Zanarkand. You escape with the help of your dad’s friend Auron. Sin transports you both 1000 years into the future where everyone lives in fear of it. The only potential way for you to get home is to find Sin again so you join a summoner’s party as a guardian to try and get close to it again, and maybe stop it for good.

Opinion: Final Fantasy X is one of the most beautiful video games I had ever encountered as a child so it will always be one of my favorites. This was actually the first game that I ever invested myself in and WANTED to beat. I still really haven’t because the final boss is giving me a hard time, but I am determined to be victorious. It is really well written and the music is absolutely beautiful. It is a very memorable game.


What are some of your favorite video games? I’d love to be introduced to new titles! Have you played any on my list? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below! ❣See you soon!❣


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