Wacom Cintiq 12WX

Digital art is becoming more and more prevalent and I wanted to be able to try it out too. To be perfectly honest my first tablet was a bamboo and I hated it because I had to look up at the monitor instead of down at my hands, like I was used to with drawing. It just really threw me off. The Cintiq was a dream come true because I could finally draw on the screen. I am not an authority on art or tablets by any means but I’ve used mine enough to give my opinion on it.


We actually just bought a second Cintiq 12wx for Dwayne to use since I’m on the one we have all the time. Whoopsie. It doesn’t look like it’s actually listed on the Wacom website anymore, it is pretty old after all, but the Cintiq 13 inch runs at about $900 or so depending on where you look. If you shop around though you won’t spend that much. For example we bought one tablet off craigslist and the other off of ebay, our total for both equaled out to approximately $800.



As I said before for me this tablet was a dream come true! I love to draw but traditional drawing with a pencil and paper is difficult for me because I make a lot of mistakes.

  • The size is great for me because I can just sit back and draw with it in my lap.
  • You can also assign all the buttons on the tablet and the pen to shortcuts on your keyboard, which is handy!
  • There is no lag between your pen movements and how quickly the tablet registers it, which is lovely.
  • Can I just mention again that it has an LCD screen so you can actually look at your hands while you draw? This honestly was the deal breaker for us.



I can’t really say I have many complaints about the tablet more like things that are just inconvenient more than anything.

  • For example it gets really warm if you use it for too long, not a huge deal just weird.
  • It gets a little finicky if you try to draw too close to the edge.
  • The pads for zooming in are super sensitive.
  • The cords are really long and get in the way sometimes.
  • This bad boy still costs a pretty penny.

Nothing that can’t be dealt with or avoided entirely to be perfectly honest. The biggest factor would probably be the price but if you shop around it’s possible to get it for around $300 or so as of now.



Do I recommend the Wacom Cintiq 12WX? 

Yes. But what works for one person won’t be the solution for everyone! Shop around and weigh your options!



Do you have a drawing tablet? If not what do you use to draw digitally? Let me know in the comments below! ❣See you soon!❣

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